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Registers of Scotland publishes digital transformation consultation

20th December 2016

Registers of Scotland (RoS) has published consultation on the next steps in the ‘journey’ towards digital transformation, some of which would require changes to the land register Rules in due course.


Three new digital services are being developed:- 

  • digital discharges, 
  • digital securities and,
  • digital dispositions

The intention is that all of them should be in place by the end of 2017.  

The first of these new services, digital discharges, is already being trialed. Between them the three most common deed types – discharges, standard securities and dispositions, account for over 88% of all conveyancing-type deeds registered in the land register.

Registers of Scotland also propose to move towards a fully digital approach in relation to advance notices over part by 1 April 2018, which will include receiving plans prepared in digital format.

The consultation also sets out various proposals for simplifying and streamlining the registration application form, thus saving time and reducing errors which lead to rejections. In addition, RoS propose that the content of the form should no longer be prescribed in the Rules but published administratively by the keeper, following consultation. That in turn would allow RoS to respond quickly to changing customer and business needs and new technological developments.

Conveyancing and the registration of deeds have for centuries been paper-based processes. That world is rapidly disappearing and being replaced by new digital services. RoS welcome conveyancers views and comments as they embark on the next steps in the digital transformation ‘journey’.

The consultation is open for responses until 22 February 2017.

The consultation document and further information on how to submit your responses is available via the Registers of Scotland’s dedicated web page Digital Transformation consultation.


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